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Data shows that demand is super high for a smartphone app that gives you instant access to legal services.

Here is some interesting data from an independent survey on mobile app use by ORC International and Caravan Omnibus Surveys. The survey was done on a sample of 2,015 US adults in February 2018.

  • Most Americans (91%) own a smartphone and/or a tablet, with over half (54%) owning both.
  • Awareness of shopping (94%) and news (91%) applications (apps) are highest, while awareness of ID theft protection (58%) and legal services (46%) apps are lowest.
  • Two out of three (66%) of smartphone and tablet owners are interested in a mobile app that provides essential legal services.
  • Interest in a legal services app is highest among Millennials (73%) and those with children in the household (76%).
  • Most of Generation X (67%) and Baby Boomers (54%) are also interested in a mobile app for legal

Most importantly, the survey reported that only 1% use a legal services application now, so there is a massive opportunity for companies and firms who can provide a mobile application.

Join Legalshield today and get instant access to affordable legal protection and full law firm services via Legalshield smartphone app.

You can get your legal insurance smartphone app by clicking here: 

Whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, your LegalShield provider law firm will be there to offer advice or assistance on a variety of personal legal issues. LegalShield dedicated attorney network is the framework that enables LegalShield members to pick up the phone and call an accomplished law firm that is ready and willing to help with any personal legal issue.


LegalShield attorneys have an average of 19 years of experience and are paid in advance which means they are motivated and obligated to provide the best possible legal assistance. Here is an example, and brief description, of LegalShield services your LegalShield plan offers:

• Advice/Consultation/Representation
• Advice and Consultation
• Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf
• Personal Document Review
• Trial Defense
• Document Preparation
• Standard Will Preparation
• Health Care Power of Attorney
• Living Will
• Residential Loan Document Assistance
• Auto
• Moving Traffic Violations
• Accidents
• Family Matters
• Uncontested Name Change Assistance
• Uncontested Adoption Representation
• Uncontested Separation Representation
• Uncontested Divorce Representation
• IRS Audit Legal Services


LegalShield has been providing affordable legal protection for over 40 years. Now with over 4 million users, LegalShield not only provides legal services in 49 states and 4 Canadian Provinces; but also, it provides confidence and peace of mind for families everywhere. For one low monthly fee our members gain access to quality law firms without having to worry about high hourly costs. Because our attorneys are all paid in advance, they provide the same level of service for trivial or traumatic legal situations.


With humble beginnings in Ada, Oklahoma, LegalShield has now grown to a 170,000-square-foot corporate office on an 80-acre campus with over 650 dedicated employees. LegalShield leaders have decades of experience and our goal remains the same, to create a world where everyone can access legal protection, and everyone can afford it.


Get your LegalShield membership today and get instant access to a local attorney who can answer all your legal questions and help you with your all your legal needs. Plus, you can become a LegalShield representative today and you can earn up front commissions and ongoing residual income for helping others get affordable legal protection too.


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Now you can save 25% in legal fees and get the legal coverage you need for under $20 a month

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