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Melanie Strapp

I want to thank you for your help, i won my case  and the bank want to settle out of court.

Melanie Strapp

Patrick Griffin

Fraud Stoppers Team took me out of the confusion and darkness and put me on a road of structure and knowledge . Each day there was a goal set and achieved , I had been fighting a battle they were initiating a process , that made all the difference. On each step of their process I found their paperwork to be top notch , there support people always there with the right answers. If you like I find yourself fearful wandering in darkness and confusion bombarded with information and misinformation ;make a call to the Team at Fraud Stoppers . I did and have no regrets.


I would like to say that I love your website,and I think you guys are spot on when it comes to the issue with loans originating from the area 2005,2006,2007 and so on.

Dutch Maynard

FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in many ways. I contacted them because I was struggling with a foreclosure action started by Bank of America which devolved to LSF9 Master Participation Trust serviced by Caliber Home Loans (actually owned by LSF9, covertly). FRAUD STOPPERS began its help by providing a free audit of the mortgage history of my property and introduced me to the concept of tangible and intangible note and security documents.

Margo Biuso

Through your agency I was referred to law firm that is working on research of my original mortgage file. This I was told is about a year, and I am about 3 months into it.

Terrence Clarke

Yes we need more fraud stopper in all area of this Society. To tell it as it is about the one percent and the ninety nine percents.

Daniel Lee

Thanks too the one and only Fraud Stoppers I found that I was a tenant and not the owner and I was kicked out of my property as a tenant in common and not the owner. Over come the deception  and a bifurcated separation of tittle and deed.

Lani Bernard

Yea thank you Mr. Frank.. you are gods mercy for us.. smile

Fred Schneider

Thanks again for ALL you do to help people like me and all the others you make claim you have helped.  You and Neil are doing a great job and there seems to be a LOT of movement out there and across our nation to finally get people to understand this huge racketeering scam that has gone on far too long.

Patty Cueto

I do realize that I got a great deal on the docs. I just want to thank you again for all you have done for me, also I’m very grateful for finding you on YouTube. Keep up the great work !!! We definitely need more people like you in this world,

Tim VanderLinda

You folks are just great people who give solid information I have not been able to obtain until today. Just a big thanks and little hope that your who I think you are, considering how long I have faced the incessant frauds and crimes that have essentially stripped everything in my life without any honest advocate. Thank you again for any type of help you provide.

Julie Meadows

I am very happy with the work your company has done and your genuine concern. Next month I am going to sign on with Legal Shield as you also suggested.

Robert Willis

This is Willis from SC. I thank the whole staff of the Fraud Stoppers in doing a great job in the litigation dept. Especially Amy! She is one heck of a woman. Joe you are very lucky to have her on your team! Peace and blessings to you all.

Liz Combs

Thank you so very much, Frank and Damion, for being on top of this and so quick in your response. I will be reviewing it later on this evening, or perhaps tomorrow morning! I appreciate the notes back to me!

William Montes-Pack

I am satisfied with the answers and corrections.  The answers definitely helped me understand the relationship between government guaranteed loans, recordings & securities.

Judith T Gilchriest

Thanks guys it’s so good. So unbelievable all the stuff in my loan still gotton finish paper work n send other letters gonna send the rest all at once and wait 21 days I think they already responded with paperwork different than there compliant can’t wait to right a review just a lot to learn but so expertly laid out and trust you guys go far and beyond the act of duty and have all the expertise and stand behind your company’s word

Marcella Hernandez

Among many attributes, Fraud Stoppers’ program has a great deal of information and resources available.  It’s really good to have information that someone I trust has looked at and approves of before spending time reading it.

Fraud Stoppers sends me helpful emails like this one. Great advice.

Cynthia Cameron

You guys are doing a great job!

Wendy Stein

Beautiful product launch!!!! Looking forward to working with ya’ll again, soon!

Robbie Lee

I got them done finally yesterday and bank didn’t put home on the market they stopped the sale hmm wonder why ? I got a good reason want to hear bet you already know don’t you ? Cause they do not hold the NOTE! I am happy made me believe more thank you not for making me worry jk but for sicken in with me I can be a handful and I am Sorry I worry all the time but I wanted to tell Sir TY

Phil Hewett

Thanks for the effort…hope I can put it to good use.

Charles Rapoli

Just wanted to pass on to you a big thank you for the analysis. It was great talking to someone that brings a ray of hope through all the deceptive evil that surrounds us. I reviewed the documents and I am very impressed with the information. I have learned even more.I look forward to more and thanks. Keep up the good work.

Earl Combs

Thank you very much, Damion and Frank! Your work is much appreciated! Thank you, also, for a speedy response!

Julie Brown

Thanks for all your help.  I appreciate it.

Mrs. Reyes

I hope all is well with you.  I just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday and thank you for all your hard work.  I look forward to working with you in the new year.

Wendy Green

Thank you so very much for your concern and the information you are willing to share. I will follow-up as discussed.


I certainly appreciate you and the work being done to help others.Thanks again.

Pamela Owen

I forgot to mention that I’m still in my home! AND I’m having fun!

Mike Nicholson

I think Fraud Stoppers is awesome. What you guys do is to help others save their homes from foreclosure.

John C

FRAUD STOPPERS helped me stop my foreclosure and get a huge principal reduction on my mortgage.

Elizabeth Smith

I just wanted to say thank you to FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me get a $35,000 keys for cash settlement.  So YES, I would absolutely refer FRAUD STOPPERS to anyone looking for help with a foreclosure issue, because they didn’t make any false promises to me, and they did exactly what they said they would do.

Stephanie Johnson

Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me sue for mortgage fraud at the last minute. I stopped my foreclosure and I am currently negotiating with my lender for a principal reduction. And it looks like they’re gonna forgive all of my late payments, over $28,000!

Terrance Matthews

I filed FRAUD STOPPERS quiet title lawsuit and Wells Fargo stopped the foreclosure sale faster than Trump fired the FBI director. I’m telling you guys I anit never seen anything like this before. FRAUD STOPPERS I owe you guys big time. Thank you.

Matt Pacht

I wanted to say thank you to FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me save my house from foreclosure and get a super awesome loan modification. In fact Ocwen agreed to forgave almost all of my late payments. So thanks FRAUD STOPPERS. You guys are great!

Cindy W

I live just outside Austin Texas. I just wanted to take a second and say thank you to FRAUD STOPPERS. I filed FRAUD STOPPERS wrongful foreclosure lawsuit after Bank of New York Mellon sold my house, and 9 months later I’m still here. Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS

Monica and Kevin

Listen if you need help with your mortgage we recommend FRAUD STOPPERS because we got the help we needed for free!

Steve Labady

My neighbor referred me to FRAUD STOPPERS, and within a few minutes on the phone I knew I found the right place to help me with my foreclosure. They connected me to a local law firm that filed a federal lawsuit against Bank of American for me, on contingency.

That lawsuit is still ongoing, but I can tell you that the help I got was worth way more than the $100 membership fee I paid. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy company to help you save your home from foreclosure, I highly recommend FRAUD STOPPERS.

Roger Hader

I called FRAUD STOPPERS to help me save my house from foreclosure. But unfortunately I called them too late. Hey but at least they scam me out of money like the mortgage fraud examination company I paid $2500 to.

Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS for telling me the truth. At least you guys tried, and that’s all I could ask for. If I find anybody I’ll send them your way.

Robert Claflin

I’m here to tell you that FRAUD STOPPERS helped me save my house from foreclosure without having to spend an arm and a leg for an attorney. They provided me with a court ready lawsuit, all of the evidence I needed, and full litigation support. I was able to sue my lender for mortgage fraud and negotiate a settlement offer that was better than I had ever hoped for.

In fact the entire process was a lot easier than I expected too. They even took care of the entire mediation process for me.So bottom line, if you need help with a mortgage or foreclosure issue call FRAUD STOPPERS right now because I’m sure you’ll be as happy and satisfied as I am. Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS for helping me save my home.

Tiffany Rogers

I just wanted to let you know that I used FRAUD STOPPERS to stop my foreclosure. Thanks FRAUD STOPPERS. You guys ROCK!

Angela and Tony

We want to let you know that we used FRAUD STOPPERS to save home from foreclosure. If you’re fighting a foreclosure we recommend FRAUD STOPPERS because they’re honest, and they know how to stop a foreclosure and bring the bank to the negotiating table.

Victor Seabrooks

Well guys here we are 14 months later and I just left the court where Wells Fargo foreclosure case was dismissed with Prejudice. That’s right with Prejudice! Can you believe it. Now all we have to do is sue for quiet title and I’m home free.

Liz Marks

I applied for a loan modification 8 different times and each time I was denied. I paid several companies and lawyers and none of them had any luck getting my loan mod approved.

This last time there was a foreclosure sales date set one of my patients referred me to FRAUD STOPPERS. To be honest I had already lost hope and was going to just give up, but Mary told me I got nothing to lose to call them. Thank you FRAUD STOPPERS you guys did the impossible. I owe you one.

Susan Holtz

FRAUD STOPPERS helped me in my foreclosure fight with SPS. They gave me the legal documents to stop the foreclosure sale, and they negotiated a principal reduction of my loan of more than $50,000. I would recommend FRAUD STOPPERS to anyone. Cheers!

Edgar T

Thank you for all the help. I just got everything in order ready to file last night. I’m going to go over everything one more time today thoroughly to make sure I did everything 100% correctly so I can file this evening.  I will also call Nathan today to get more information on using him. I’m very excited to get this filed. I will definitely keep you updated on my progress. Thank you.

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Nuns’ pressure leads Wells Fargo to publish causes of ‘systemic lapses in governance’

Nuns’ pressure leads Wells Fargo to publish causes of ‘systemic lapses in governance’ A group of nuns and religiously-affiliated investors said Wells Fargo & Co. has agreed to publish a review that shows the root causes of the systemic lapses in governance and risk management that have led to ongoing controversies, litigation and fines. As a result of the company’s commitment, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility will withdraw a resolution filed for the...
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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit to Stop Eviction 

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit to Stop Eviction  BERNARDSTON — As the auctioneers announced the sale of 73-year-old Bob McCollum’s home, his cat, Fluffy, came out for the action. The cat cozied up to the auctioneers. One of them crouched down to pet Fluffy, who had come down from the Shaw Road log cabin. As he pet McCollum’s cat, his fellow auctioneer announced a bid of $126,400 from the Bank of New York Mellon, which oversees McCollum’s loan on the...
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Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals Decision Rejects Multiple Common Foreclosure Defenses

Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals Decision Rejects Multiple Common Foreclosure Defenses On February 7, 2018, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal rejected multiple arguments routinely advanced by borrowers’ counsel in defense and delay of foreclosure litigation, reversed the trial court’s order dismissing the case, and remanded with instructions to enter a judgment of foreclosure. HSBC Bank USA, N.A. v. Joseph T. Buset, et al. Case No. 3D16-1382. The opinion offers...
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Stop Foreclosure and Cancel Your Mortgage Loan with a TILA Rescission Letter 

Stop Foreclosure and Cancel Your Mortgage Loan with a TILA Rescission Letter  Join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today and get a powerful TILA Rescission letter that you can use to cancel your mortgage loan. Discover if your current mortgage loan situation qualifies for this TILA Rescission letter when you join FRAUD STOPPERS PMA today for only $250 with these benefits: PMA MEMBERSHIP Mortgage Fraud Analysis UCC Mortgage Fraud Report Potential Cause of Action Consultation Federal FDCPA Demand...
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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing – Racketeering Still going on with “pretend lender/sesrvicers”

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing - Racketeering Still going on with "pretend lender/sesrvicers" Have never heard back from them as they know they were a "pretend lender/serivcer" who forced me basically into a short sale with all the money I lost and not being able to fight back as I had to pay out more than $100,000 per year for the full time 24 hour care of my lovely dear sweet mom who passed away last year at the age of 95.There people were terrible from the start when...
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Thousands in Arizona could get money from $45M settlement over bad foreclosure practices

Thousands in Arizona could get money from $45M settlement over bad foreclosure practices. More than 2,000 Arizona families are eligible for part of a $45 million settlement with PHH Mortgage Corp. for its handling of mortgage payments and foreclosure aid during the housing crash. Forty-eight states, including Arizona, reached a settlement with the New Jersey-based mortgage lender and servicer. The settlement was announced Wednesday. The deal resolves allegations that...
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Bank of America Foreclosed On Home Despite Borrower Making Mortgage Payments

Bank of America Foreclosed On Home Despite Borrower Making Mortgage Payments PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Imagine paying your mortgage on time every month, and your bank takes your home away anyway. It may not make any sense, but it’s happening to some homeowners. Since 2004, Kim Shibles’ beloved home has been the backdrop for everything from holidays to proms and more. “I would like to have back what they took,” Shibles said. That is until she was forced out of the house in 2016, after the bank...
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BITCOIN is currently at $16,000 and set to hit $1,00,000 by 2020, according to experts

BITCOIN is currently at $16,000 and set to hit $1,00,000 by 2020, according to experts Bitcoin surged to a record high of $11,377.33 Wednesday morning, according to CoinDesk. Outspoken libertarian and MGT Capital Investments CEO John McAfee subsequently tweeted that he predicts bitcoin will reach $1 million by the end of 2020, double his previous forecast. Get Your BITCOIN Right Now at Get FREE BITCOIN when you...
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Fannie, Freddie to hold off on evictions during the holidays

Fannie, Freddie to hold off on evictions during the holidays HomeNews by Francis Monfort13 Dec 2017 Fannie Mae said the suspension will apply to single-family and two- to four-unit properties. Families will be allowed to remain in their homes during the period. However, legal and administrative proceedings for evictions may continue. Meanwhile, Freddie Mac said the moratorium applies to all foreclosed, occupied homes. The holiday suspension will apply to eviction lockouts on...
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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Moody’s assigns provisional ratings to Prime RMBS issued by J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust 2017-6

Rating Action: Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Moody's assigns provisional ratings to Prime RMBS issued by J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust 2017-6 Global Credit Research - 12 Dec 2017 New York, December 12, 2017 -- Moody's Investors Service has assigned provisional ratings to 19 classes of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) issued by J.P. Morgan Mortgage Trust 2017-6 (JPMMT 2017-6). The ratings range from (P)Aaa (sf) to (P)B3 (sf). The certificates are backed by...
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Why Foreclosing Securitized Trust Plaintiffs Cannot Prove Entitlement To Foreclose

Why Foreclosing Securitized Trust Plaintiffs Cannot Prove Entitlement To Foreclose Posted by on December 10, 2017 (December 12, 2017, Hawaii) The Foreclosure Hour TODAY at 3 pm (HST) / (5 pm EST) will discuss one of Hawaii’s latest FORECLOSURE APPEAL cases, HSBC Bank USA v. Yamashita, where after a pro-bank decision in the lower circuit court was...
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The Foreclosure Process

The Foreclosure Process   Foreclosure happens when a borrower neglects to meet credit commitments. Dispossession rights and methods are distinctive in each state. Nonetheless, these distinctions are minor varieties. The dispossession procedure is:   Default by borrower Foreclosure starts when a borrower defaults on their advance. This can be through neglecting to make installments or meet commitments in the credit archives.   Notice of default The bank...
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New Residential to acquire Shellpoint Partners in $190 million deal

New Residential to acquire Shellpoint Partners in $190 million deal HomeNews by Paolo Taruc04 Dec 2017 The Many Ways to Be Relieved of Your Timeshare ObligationsWhile it is true that a timeshare contract is a binding legal document, it is often mistakenly thought that such a contract cannot only be cancelled. In fact, most timeshare companies maintain that their contracts are non – cancellable. This misconception is perpetuated by timeshare companies and user groups...
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Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Foreclosure Sales Stopped Guaranteed

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Foreclosure Sales Stopped Guaranteed RED FLAG: I have read the horrible things that Shellpoint is doing to others and I read this on RIPOFF REPORTS (Total Visits 8,998,758,637) " your local police immediately and also notify the Federal Bureau Of Investigation because Shell Point Mortgage Servicing AKA Resurgent is a Mortgage Scam with bogus accounts and made up amounts. Mortgage Fraud is a Felony!!! You the consumer are no more than an entry on...
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The Pro Se Problem

The Pro Se Problem Why Pro Se Litigants Have a Hard Time. Whether it's the high cost of lawyers' fees or growing distrust of lawyers, there is a mounting trend these days for more people to fight without a lawyer. The American Bar Association (ABA) reports 60% of the public can't afford a lawyer. 20% simply don't want to spend the money. 50% just don't trust lawyers! Yet ½ of all court proceedings involve at least one pro se party. Too many pro se people lose ......
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92 year old woman evicted over 27¢ on a Reverse mortgages

92 year old woman evicted over 27¢ on a Reverse mortgages. Actor and pitchman Tom Selleck, among others, has helped persuade more than 1 million seniors in markets like Palm Beach County that reverse mortgages are not “too good to be true.” But a federal agency overseen by Housing Secretary Ben Carson of Palm Beach Gardens says an insurance program backing reverse mortgages is “losing money and can no longer remain viable in its present form.” Foreclosures in reverse...
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Offers of Proof

Offers of Proof ... If you start to offer evidence, the other side objects, and the judge sustains your opponent's objection, you must move the court to allow you to make clear on the record what your evidence was going to be and what it would tend to prove! This is making an offer of proof. Expect your opponent to try to stop you. Make an offer of proof immediately! Offers of proof show the court on the record: What the offered evidence is and What the evidence tends to prove...
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Foreclosure Sales Stopped Guaranteed

We stop Foreclosure Sales and Trustee Sales Guaranteed. If we don’t stop your sale, you don’t pay. That’s our better than money back guarantee. To see if your loan qualifies simply click here DON'T LET THE BANKS TRICK YOU! Register for a FREE Mortgage Fraud Analysis and get the FACTS you need to make the right decision regarding your loan! For information on foreclosure defense call us at 844-372-8378. We offer litigation support, admissible evidence, expert witness...
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Trusting Lawyers Loses Lawsuits!

Trusting Lawyers Loses Lawsuits! YOU DARE NOT TRUST LAWYERS! If you're like most people, you don't. I don't either, and I've been one since 1987! Guard against the shady ethics of your opponent's lawyer. Keep a close watch on your own lawyer, too! Every lawyer joke should be a warning! Question: What's 5,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? Answer: A good start! There are more jokes about lawyers than all other professions put together. Know how to protect yourself !...
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Detroit-based McGregor Fund has awarded $500,000 to help Michigan homeowners in foreclosure

McGregor Fund grants $500,000 to help shield homeowners from tax foreclosure McGregor Fund grants $500,000 over two years United Community Housing Coalition will use funds to help 1,000 households in tax foreclosure Funds will help enroll homeowners in Wayne County's Interest Reduction Stipulated Payment Agreement Detroit-based McGregor Fund has awarded $500,000 to the United Community Housing Coalition to help shield 1,000 Michigan homeowners from losing their homes to...
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Illinois filed a Cease and Desist Order against Ocwen Loan Servicing

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Banking filed a Cease and Desist Order against Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Sept. 28 -- The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation issued the following news release: The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Banking ("IDFPR"), filed a Cease and Desist Order ("Order") against Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC and two other...
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Senator Warren: Equifax is Profiting from Data Hack While Consumers Pay the Price, Identity Protection Plans

Senator Warren Says That Equifax is Profiting from Data Hack While Consumers Pay the Price. With over 100 million files compromised in this latest cyber hack there is a very good chance that your personal information including your social security number may have been stolen by hackers. Therefore FRAUD STOPPERS recommends that you protect yourself and your family with the Nations #1 Rated Identity Protection Plan. Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. IDShield...
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Learn Good Legal Writing and How to Win in Court

Learn Good Legal Writing and How to Win in Court What is good legal writing? Impress the judge? Confuse the opponent? Or ... win your case? Your goal is: make a winning record! Too many pro se litigants miss this point. Any words not making a winning record must go! Learn to write with punch, power, and persuasive effect. Legal writing is NOT story-telling! Any fact not "relevant" and any law not "controlling" must be eliminated. The purpose for every word must be to...
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Anti-foreclosure activists make last-ditch effort to spare thousands of Detroiters from eviction

Anti-foreclosure activists make last-ditch effort to spare thousands of Detroiters from eviction Posted By Violet Ikonomova Steve Neavling A row of dilapidated houses at Crane and Charlevoix on Detroit’s east side. Eleven houses on this block have been foreclosed since 2002. With time running out before the start of the second round of the Wayne County tax foreclosure auction, a small group of activists has made a last-ditch effort to get Detroit officials to intervene...
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CitiMortgage class action lawsuit for falsely notarized documents for foreclosures

CitiMortgage class action lawsuit for falsely notarized documents for hundreds of foreclosures in multiple states 9th Circuit revives lawsuit over CitiMortgage foreclosure records CitiMortgage must face a proposed class action accusing it of using falsely notarized documents for hundreds of foreclosures in multiple states, a federal appeals court ruled. In a 2-1 decision on Friday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said a lower court erred in dismissing the lawsuit...
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Federal Money available for Michigan homeowners facing foreclosure

Federal Money available for Michigan homeowners facing foreclosure By Shruti Saripalli About $40 million dollars are available for Michigan homeowners who are facing troubles with their mortgage payments or property taxes, said Mary Tomley, Director of the Homeownership Division of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. As part of a conference organized at the Ingham County Veterans Memorial Courthouse, treasurers of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties along...
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Bank of America Hit with $45 Million Judgment over Reckless Foreclosure

Bank of America Hit with $45 Million Judgment over Reckless Foreclosure By Edvard Pettersson `Hero' Judge Urged by Couple to Nix $45 Million Bank of America Penalty. (Bloomberg) -- A California couple who were dragged through a Bank of America Corp. foreclosure called “brazen” and “heartless” by a bankruptcy judge have joined the lender’s request to be spared from a $45 million punishment. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein in Sacramento, hailed as a “hero judge”...
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JPMorgan Ordered to Pay More Than $4 Billion to Widow and Family

JPMorgan Ordered to Pay More Than $4 Billion to Widow and Family That’s billion with a B…. Outsize punitive damages awards are often reduced by courts Bank found by jury to have mismanaged estate of Max Hopper JPMorgan Chase & Co. was ordered by a Dallas jury to pay more than $4 billion in damages for mishandling the estate of a former American Airlines executive, but the verdict will probably be knocked down on appeal. Jo Hopper and two stepchildren won the probate...
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JPMorgan’s Big Mortgage Securitization Secret is a Big Nothing Burger

JPMorgan’s Big Mortgage Securitization Secret is a Big Nothing Burger! Four years ago, JPMorgan Chase reached a then-record settlement with the Department of Justice after, among other things, the bank received a copy of a U.S. attorney’s draft complaint documenting its alleged role in underwriting fraudulent securities in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. Following the bank’s $13 billion financial agreement, the draft complaint was never filed. Then...
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Lenders limited to one foreclosure proceeding per property

Lenders limited to one foreclosure proceeding per property. A mortgage company can’t bring a second foreclosure action against a borrower after losing a similar foreclosure in the court system, Maine’s supreme court ruled. The court on Thursday unanimously upheld a ruling against mortgage giant Fannie Mae, which tried to launch a second foreclosure on a property in Lincoln after a judge threw out the original case. “It reinforces case law that says you really get only one bite of...
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Michigan will soon be out of “Hardest Hit” funds for homeowners facing foreclosure

Michigan's "Hardest Hit" program for homeowners is winding down. Hardest Hit is the federal program to help people keep their homes after the Great Recession. Mary Townley is vice president of Step Forward. That's the name of the state's Hardest Hit program. She says Michigan has received $761 million from the federal government since late 2010. A little more than half has gone to blight demolitions, and the rest to homeowners in distress. There's now only $40 million...
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California law makers approves bill to stop arbitration used by banks over Wells Fargo bank fraud

California law makers approves bill to stop arbitration used by banks over Wells Fargo bank fraud The California Legislature has approved a bill aimed at stopping banks from using arbitration clauses to shield themselves from lawsuits over sham accounts — a direct response to the Wells Fargo scandal. Senate Bill 33 passed the state Assembly on Tuesday and was approved by the Senate on Wednesday. It now is on its way to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for signing. If this bill is signed...
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Nine years later, another Lehman Brothers bankruptcy

Nine years later, another Lehman Brothers bankruptcy The two affiliates, Lehman Brothers U.K. Holdings (Delaware) Inc and Lehman Pass-Through Securities Inc, were put into bankruptcy as part of a deal that will generate $485 million cash for the Lehman estate, according to court documents. The affiliates own residential mortgage-backed securities, real estate and stock in First Data Corp (>> First Data Corp), which helps process credit card transactions, among...
Read More sued for foreclosure sued for foreclosure by  The West Virginia Record | ELKINS – A couple is suing after they claim it wrongfully began foreclosure proceedings on their home. Arlie C. Addington and Rena Sue Addington have a mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration that was originated by LoanDepot on Feb. 19, 2104, for $121,591 for a term of 30 years at an interest rate of 4 percent, according to a complaint filed June 30 in Webster Circuit...
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NJ Judge Says HSBC Must File New Foreclosure Action

NJ Judge Says HSBC Must File New Foreclosure Action By Jeannie O'Sullivan Law360, New York (August 31, 2017, 1:37 PM EDT) -- A New Jersey court won’t rethink its refusal to extend a final judgment deadline for a mortgage foreclosure action by HSBC Bank USA, ruling Thursday that the bank, which repeatedly missed court deadlines throughout the five-year litigation, must refile a new action instead. Hudson County Chancery Judge Barry P. Sarkisian didn’t buy the bank’s...
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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac suspend foreclosures and evictions in wake of Hurricane Harvey

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are extending additional relief to homeowners affected by the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Last week, Fannie and Freddie announced a number of measures that mortgage servicers can take to aid borrowers whose homes were damaged by the storm, including mortgage forbearance and other options. Now, with officials declaring that Harvey dumped more water on Texas than any storm in history, Fannie and Freddie announced Tuesday...
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Control Corrupt Courts!

Control Corrupt Courts! Click Here to Learn How to Win Law school teaches all sorts of things ... but not how to control judges nor how to overcome scheming tricks of crooked lawyers! Law school is not the real world. Law professors are too politically correct to teach law students that judges are sometimes biased or corrupt. Most law professors never practiced law, so they don't know how to overcome the scheming tricks of crooked lawyers. What law students learn in law...
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The Difference Between a Short Sale, a Pre-foreclosure, and a Foreclosure

The Difference Between a Short Sale, a Pre-foreclosure, and a Foreclosure By Audrey Ference | Aug 23, 2017 What is the difference between a short sale, pre-foreclosure, and foreclosure? If you're considering purchasing one of these kinds of properties, it's very important to understand what these terms mean and how the home's status could affect its sale. The first rule of thumb: Proceed with caution. The pitfalls for the average buyer are numerous when it comes to a short sale or...
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Tampa Bay homeowners sue JPMorgan Chase for billing on already-paid mortgages

Tampa Bay homeowners sue JPMorgan Chase for billing on already-paid mortgages. ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA — Two Tampa Bay homeowners are suing JPMorgan Chase Bank for attempting to continue to collect on what they say were already-paid-off mortgages. Seeking class action, the lawsuit alleges that JPMorgan Chase, “as part of its customary and uniform practice and procedure, attempts to collect debts on its customers’ mortgages even though the debt has been satisfied.”...
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New York woman fights bank against foreclosure and wins

HENRIETTA New York– New York woman fights bank against foreclosure and wins! Jean Blattner purchased her dream home on Fawn Ridge Road in Henrietta back in 2005. But, seven years of happiness turned sour after she was laid off from her job in 2013. Blattner says she missed two mortgage payments before her lender, U.S. Bank, was ready to take her home away. “There were moments that I wanted to give up,” Blattner said. “They said you are at risk for foreclosure, which put me in an...
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Veteran foreclosed home eviction without legal notice

Disabled veteran evicted from foreclosed home without legal notice. ST. CLOUD, Fla. - For four years, Robert Malave, a disabled veteran, says he has rented his home in St. Cloud without a problem. That changed Thursday when movers and a realtor showed up, tore the locks off and started throwing his family’s belongings on the front lawn, Malave said. “They savagely came in here, like we were being robbed, just throwing stuff,” Malave’s daughter Stephanie said. The...
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Class Action Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo Over Paid-Off Mortgage Interest

More problems for Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo Bank has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit accusing it of collecting tens of millions of dollars from Texas borrowers who paid off their mortgages early without providing required disclosures about how to avoid the charges. Filed on Tuesday in Oakland, California federal court, the lawsuit said Wells Fargo collected interest for the full month that a mortgage was prepaid and did not clearly explain beforehand that the interest...
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Florida Appeal Court (2nd DCA) Holds Trial Court Erred in Applying Texas Foreclosure Law to Foreclosure Deficiency Claim

Posted by Maurice Wutscher LLP USA August 1 2017 Florida Appeal Court (2nd DCA) Holds Trial Court Erred in Applying Texas Foreclosure Law to Foreclosure Deficiency Claim. The District Court of Appeal of the State of Florida, Second District, recently held that where loan documents provided that Florida law applied to foreclosure claims, the trial court erred in applying Texas law because the deficiency claim in the case was part of the Florida foreclosure process. A copy of the...
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Help for Michigan homeowners facing foreclosure

By Andy Meisner, Lawrence Rocca and Eric R. Sabree, Special to Digital First Media---There’s help for Michigan homeowners facing foreclosure. Michigan’s economy has come a long way since the national recession struck in 2008, but the harsh reality is that many hard-working Michigan homeowners are just one unexpected expense away from falling behind on their mortgage, property tax or condominium fee payments, and into foreclosure. If a resident is unable to pay back these debts, the...
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I-Team: Dozens of renters of HOA foreclosure properties evicted amid dispute over title ownership

I-Team: Dozens of renters of HOA foreclosure properties evicted amid dispute over title ownership. Properties bring in huge profits with low costs Adam Walser 11:24 PM, Jul 28, 2017 1:23 AM, Jul 29, 2017 TAMPA - In Florida, homeowners’ associations can foreclose on homes when owners don't pay their dues…sometimes for as little as a few thousand dollars. Investors who buy the liens get temporary titles and can rent those houses until banks foreclose. But as the I-Team...
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Rare Foreclosure Opinion from the 3rd DCA Didn’t Mention ‘Standing’

Rare Foreclosure Opinion from the 3rd DCA Didn't Mention 'Standing' Post July 27, 2017 by Samantha Joseph, Daily Business Review Wednesday's round of appellate decisions at first appeared to contain good news for defense attorneys, who've long lamented the lack of opinions on foreclosure and lender standing from the Third District Court of Appeal. Legal standing is a sticking point in many foreclosure disputes in the wake of the housing market collapse. It became a prickly issue...
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Homeless, 84-year-old war veteran twins say ‘it’s hell’ after foreclosure

Homeless, 84-year-old war veteran twins say 'it's hell' after foreclosure By Travis Fedschun Published July 20, 2017 Fox News Family, friends work to help homeless 84-year-old twins after foreclosure devastate them. Clifford and Gary Koekoek, 84-year-old twins who've survived living under Nazi occupation and fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, are now in "hell" and sleeping in their car after a bank foreclosed on their California home in October. Born in the Netherlands, Clifford...
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Veterans family facing foreclosure claims they’re robo-signing victims

Veterans family facing foreclosure claims they’re robo-signing victims Here we go again… Sonia Kirkland, 58, says she spends most of her time caring for her mother, who is 104 years old, inside the home on Berkeley Place. The house is owned by Kirkland’s son, a 34-year-old U.S. Army combat veteran who now works for an international nonprofit group and is serving in Iraq to help rebuild a country devastated by war. Kirkland says she recently found out that her son had become the...
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Lawsuit against Wells Fargo alleges stealth modifications that could vastly increase homeowners’ borrowing costs

Homeowners seek to halt Wells Fargo loan changes in high-profile bankruptcy case The Gaston County homeowners who have filed a class-action lawsuit against Wells Fargo are asking a judge in Charlotte this month to stop the bank from making alleged loan changes without borrower approval. The suit filed in June by Christopher and Allison Cotton gained national attention over its allegations that the San Francisco-based bank was making “stealth modifications” that could...
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Wells Fargo sued over theft during foreclosure process

Homeowner, Wells Fargo settle lawsuit over alleged theft during foreclosure process An Easton man and the bank that was foreclosing on his home reached a settlement in a dispute that arose when the man alleged his belongings were stolen by workers sent to secure the property. John Barber sued Wells Fargo, alleging “his home had been broken into, the locks changed, the premises ransacked, and a large quantity of personal property belonging to him was missing.” He told me...
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Breaking News for Homeowners Who Want to Stop a Foreclosure Sale, Eviction, or Sue for Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud:

According to a government audit nearly 83% of mortgages survey contained legal errors and violations that could be problematic for lenders!

Do You Have One of Them?

CHANCES MAY BE VERY GOOD THAT YOUR MORTGAGE LOAN CONTRACT CONTAINS LEGAL ERRORS AND VIOLATIONS. According to a government audit 83% of the mortgages surveyed contain legal violations and errors. Legal violations, errors, breaches of contract, appraisal fraud, mortgage fraud, clouds on title, and other issues may have caused many mortgage transactions to be legally problematic for lenders attempting to foreclose. Furthermore these legal issues could result in Borrowers having legal grounds to file suit as a countermeasure to foreclosure.

If you are currently facing foreclosure, or you have recently lost your home to foreclosure, we recommend that you take immediate action and register for a FREE Mortgage Fraud Analysis and Bloomberg Securitization Search using the intake form at the bottom of this page. Our investigation team will analysis your mortgage loan documents for signs of fraud, and show you a proven way to save time and money (and increase your odds of success) suing for mortgage fraud and foreclosure fraud.

Now You Can Learn How to Stop Foreclosure and Cancel Secured and Unsecured Debt Obligations through Strategic Litigation.

FRAUD STOPPERS Private Members Association’s Mortgage Fraud Investigator can analysis your mortgage loan documents for violations of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other signs of mortgage fraud to help you determine if your current mortgage loan situation qualifies for one of our Private Members Only foreclosure defense and mortgage fraud products or services.

FRAUD STOPPERS Private Members Association helps our Private Members formulate effective and affordable strategies, to get the legal remedy that the law entitles them to, and that they deserve.

Our primary focus is helping our members get clear and marketable title to their property by arguing that the actions of the banks have made the security provisions of the mortgage/deed of trust unenforceable as a matter of law.

Our Association of member’s main objective is to maintain and improve the civil rights, constitutional guarantees and political freedom for every member and citizen of the United States of America.

We believe that the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees our members free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of advising and helping one another in asserting our rights under the Federal and State Constitutions and Statutes.

Get the FACTS and EVIDENCE that you need to fight mortgage and foreclosure fraud, stop a foreclosure sale or eviction, and save your house from foreclosure.  Yes. Upwards of 95% of all home loan borrowers have suffered injuries in the form of appraisal fraud, mortgage fraud, legal errors, contract breaches, and/or regulatory law breaches.  To discover these, the borrower must hire a competent professional to conduct a comprehensive examination of all documents related to the loan transaction.  With an examination report in hand to prove the injuries, the borrower may negotiate a favorable settlement or sue for damages.  Only such an examination, and artfully presenting the causes of action revealed in the exam report, can provide a reliable way for the borrower to end up with cash in hand or other financial compensation for the injuries. Currently there is an estimated 70,000,000 mortgages that MERS claims to hold. This represents about 60% of the residential real estate in the United States of America. So chances are your mortgage and loan has been compromised.

What is MERS?

MERS functions as a centralized electronic registry of mortgages, and it was supposed to track the ownership of these mortgages, which are typically sold multiple times during the loan’s life. MERS potentially affects upwards of 70 million residential mortgage loans nationwide, and almost completely crashed the U.S. housing market by itself because of so many problems with the packages.

MERS was created by lenders and title insurance companies, so it would be easier to transfer the beneficial interests to other secondary market lenders. Yet, some mortgages ended up significantly discounted due to packaging problems, which made them inactive. Where’s the “IOU” for the mortgage debt?

The MERS Scandal

Missing documents, notary fraud, and “robo-signing” led the way. There was a lot of chaos involved with MERS mortgage packets, which contained no original promissory notes (the “IOU” for the mortgage debt) in these same MERS files.

Knowledgeable homeowners were able to completely stop their home foreclosures by pointing out that the foreclosing entity, such as the mortgage servicing company, didn’t have a legal right to foreclose on their homes, since they didn’t have all of their valid mortgage paperwork in their files. These questionable ownership interests in the mortgages led to foreclosure moratoriums, court settlements, and inactive statuses.

There were a large number of allegations of notary fraud in which real or fake notaries such as “Linda Green” were allegedly part of the massive “Robo-Signing Scandal” nationwide.

It has been suggested that promissory notes, deeds of trust or mortgages, and other loan or title documents were forged, left blank, or illegally assigned to numerous mortgage investors. Since MERS was set up to become as paperless, speedy, and efficient as possible, there was not enough third party oversight to check whether these documents were valid.

Questionable Beneficial Interests

“No Note = No Debt” became the mantra for homeowners who were in the midst of their own foreclosures due to the weaker U.S. economy. Some savvy property owners were able to legally void their existing mortgage debt altogether by proving that the foreclosing mortgage company had no valid beneficial interests in the existing mortgage, and thus had to legal right to collect any payments.

Other homeowners were able to show that their MERS files had fraudulent notary signatures signed on behalf of both owners and lenders, which moved their file designations over to “inactive” as well.

Mortgage lenders that have collapsed or imploded since the official start of the Credit Crisis back in 2007, such as Countrywide, Indy Mac, Lehman Brothers, World Savings, Downey Savings, and Washington Mutual still figuratively exist by way of their asset or beneficial interest transfers to the “strawman” named MERS.

MERS may pay no taxes or employ anyone. Without the proper assignment of these MERS mortgages, these same imploded mortgage companies’ loans could have ceased to exist.

Our understanding is that generally the requirements set forth in the pooling and servicing agreements were not followed, and they were not followed in the following way: The pooling and servicing agreements says that when the notes are transferred to the trust there needs to be an endorsement in blank to the trust, as well as a complete chain of endorsements for all proceeding transfers. That means that the originator of the loan has to have a specific endorsement transferring it from the securitization sponsor, the sponsor to the depositor, and then the depositor in blank to the trust.

What we have found is that in the majority of the cases that chain of endorsements is not there.  There is simply a single endorsement in blank.

That creates a problem because it does not comply with the trust documents. That is a severe problem because most pooling and servicing agreements are trust that are governed by New York law, and New York law says that if you are not punctilious in following the trust documents for a transfer, the transfer is void. It doesn’t matter if you intended it, its void. That transfer is void even if that transfer would have otherwise complied with law. And if the transfer is void that would mean that the trust does not own the mortgages, and therefore lacks standing to foreclose.

It’s axiomatic that in order to bring a foreclose action the plaintiff must have legal standing. Only the mortgagee has such standing. Thus various problems like false or faulty affidavits, as well as back dated mortgage assignments, and altered or wholly counterfeited notes, mortgages, and assignments all relate to the evidentiary need to prove standing.

If your mortgage loan contract was part of a table funded securitized transaction then there is a really good chance that your mortgage loan documents probably contain legal errors, violations, tortuous conduct, contract breaches, and fraud, that could result in you being entitled to receive financial compensation, a reduction in your principal balance, clear and free title to your property, or even better!

FRAUD STOPPERS Private Members Association (PMA) can help you save time and money, and increase your odds of success, getting the legal remedy that the law entitles you to, and that you deserve, with these products and services: Stop Foreclosure Sale Methods, Stop Eviction Methods, Reverse Foreclosure Sale, Breach of Contract Lawsuits, Quiet Title Lawsuits, Slander of Title Lawsuits, Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuits, Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) Lawsuits, Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Audits & Lawsuits, Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA) Rescission Lawsuits, Bloomberg Securitization Audits, Mortgage Fraud Audits, Robo Signing Audits, Chain of Title Investigations, Trial Ready Evidence Packages, Expert Witness Affidavits, Expert Witness Testimony, Pro Se Products & Services, Pro Se Education & Training Material, Pro Se Administrative Documents, Nationwide Foreclosure Defense Attorney Network, Attorney Education Curriculum, Attorney Loan Modifications, Pro Se Loan Modifications, Attorney Bankruptcy Services, Pro Se Bankruptcy Services & Support, Investor Short Sale / Buyback Transactions, Investor Joint Venture Transactions, Private Equity Refinance Transactions, Creative Real Estate Solutions, Deed in Lieu Transactions, Credit Repair Programs, Easy Non-Credit Based Financing Options Available!

Stop Foreclosure, Sue for Breach of Contract 

Now is the perfect time to stand up for your legal rights and sue for beach of contract, mortgage fraud, and foreclosure fraud because the legal tide is beginning to turn, and homeowners are starting to win! In 2016 the California Supreme Court ruled in Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage Corporation (Case No. S218973, Cal. Sup. Ct. February 18, 2016) that homeowners have legal standing to challenge an assignment of the mortgage loan contract in an action for wrongful foreclosure on the grounds that the assignment(s) is/are void. Obviously if the court had ruled differently, the banks would have had carte blanche to forge mortgage assignments with wild abandon. In fact, without a system of endorsements and assignments it would be impossible to determine who has a legitimate interest in the property!

In THE PAPER CHASE: SECURITIZATION, FORECLOSURE, AND THE UNCERTAINTY OF MORTGAGE TITLE ADAM J. LEVITIN writes “the mortgage foreclosure crisis raises legal questions as important as its economic impact. Questions that were straightforward and uncontroversial a generation ago today threaten the stability of a $13 trillion mortgage market: Who has standing to foreclose? If a foreclosure was done improperly, what is the effect? And what is the proper legal method for transferring mortgages? These questions implicate the clarity of title for property nationwide and pose a too- big-to-fail problem for the courts.

The legal confusion stems from the existence of competing systems for establishing title to mortgages and transferring those rights. Historically, mortgage title was established and transferred through the “public demonstration” regimes of UCC Article 3 and land recordation systems. This arrangement worked satisfactorily when mortgages were rarely transferred. Mortgage finance, however, shifted to securitization, which involves repeated bulk transfers of mortgages.

Like many other cases, current trial court decisions are getting reversed because the courts are waking up to the reality of the rule of law. What they have been following is an off the books rule of “anything but a free house.” However a recent Yale Law Review Article eviscerates the assumptions of a free house for the homeowners and destroys the myth that somehow that policy has saved the nation. You can read the Yale Law Review article “In Defense of “Free Houses” for more information on this tide change.

To facilitate securitization, deal architects developed alternative “contracting” regimes for mortgage title: UCC Article 9 and MERS, a private mortgage registry. These new regimes reduced the cost of securitization by dispensing with demonstrative formalities, but at the expense of reduced clarity of title, which raised the costs of mortgage enforcement. This trade-off benefited the securitization industry at the expense of securitization investors because it became apparent only subsequently with the rise in mortgage foreclosures. The harm, however, has not been limited to securitization investors. Clouded mortgage title has significant negative externalities on the economy as a whole.

If your loan contains fraud or it was securitized then your lender may have breached your mortgage loan contract, and therefore your mortgage loan contract could be legally challenged in a court of law. If your mortgage loan contract is declared legally void, then any assignments of the mortgage loan contract, or subsequent assignments, could also be declared legally void.

Securitization is the process of taking an asset and transforming them into a security. A typical example of securitization is a mortgage-backed security (MBS), which is a type of asset-backed security that is secured by a collection of mortgages. Keep in mind that it is perfectly legal for banks to create mortgage-backed securities (MBS’s); however there are significant legal ramifications that will either harm you, or benefit you, depending on what actions you take in response to the fact that your mortgage or deed of trust is legally void resulting in your property, in reality, being unsecured, just like a unsecured credit card debt. What’s in your wallet?

This is why we recommend that you take immediate action and sue for the remedy the law entitles you to, and that you deserve. Treble damages and clear and free title to your home. Not sure if your loan contains mortgage fraud or if it was securitized, no problem, we will do a free mortgage fraud analysis and free Bloomberg securitization search for you.

Many of the programs that had modest success in the early days have fallen into disfavor as banks have enacted strategies to counter their progress. The banks are not going to go down without a serious fight. They have a large arsenal of tools to use, and the legal muscle to keep the industry off balance. This is not a static game. The reason that banks have been successful, for the most part, in protecting the large number of mortgages that were securitized is that there is an intricate web of legal theories that they hide behind to justify what they have done. In effect, they have created a shell game where the ball seems to move around in defiance of the laws of physics.

The banks are relying on a complex interaction between UCC 3 commercial paper law, UCC 9 securitization law, bailment law, agency law and local laws of the jurisdiction where the property is located. They would have us believe that what they have been doing since the 1970’s is perfectly legitimate. Many lawyers who have challenged the banks have gotten close to exposing the scheme only to find that judges retreat away from the complexity of the legal theories involved and fall back on procedural barriers under the auspices of protecting the equitable interests of the banks and their agents.

FRAUD STOPPERS Foreclosure Defense Program has moved the bar forward in many substantial ways:

  • Our Private Administrative process is a targeted approach to Informal Discovery:
  • 3-501. PRESENTMENT or States equivalent
  • Mortgage Error Resolution/Request for Information: If you believe there is an error on your mortgage loan statement or you’d like to request information related to your mortgage loan servicing, you must exercise certain rights under Federal law related to resolving errors and requesting information about your mortgage loan. If you think your credit report, bill or your mortgage loan account contains an error, or if you need more information about your mortgage loan, you send a written letter concerning your error and/or request.
  • Cutting edge mortgage fraud examination and court ready lawsuits and trial ready evidence to win your case
  • Nationwide foreclosure defense attorneys and Pro Se litigation education and support products and services

Subsection of Presentment (example Covenant 8 of UCC3 Note) shows NOTE and under paragraph 1 states: “BORROWER’S PROMISE TO PAY: In return for a loan that I have received, I promise to pay….

MULTI STATE FIXED RATE NOTE–Single Family–Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT Form 3200 1/01 (page 1 of 3 pages) Covenant:


I and any other person who has obligations under this Note waive the rights of Presentment and Notice of Dishonor. “Presentment” means the right to require the Note Holder to demand payment of amounts due. “Notice of Dishonor” means the right to require the Note Holder to give notice to other persons that amounts due have not been paid.

  • 15 U.S. Code § 1692g – Validation of debts

Often a debt collector cannot validate a debt and therefore cannot legally enforce collections.

  • Truth In Lending Act (TILA RESCISSION) codified in 12 CFR Part 226 (Regulation Z); particularly§ 226.34 Prohibited acts and §226.32 sub-paragraph (ii) et seq. predatory lending practices

A mortgage loan covered by the Truth in Lending Act may be rescinded by mailing a Rescission Letter to the purported lender, forcing the purported lender/creditor to oppose that rescission with a lawsuit within 20 days or lose all opposition rights.

  • The primary focus of the legal aspect of our program revolves around taking the theories and best practices that have been most successful around the country and make refinements.

“Here, the specific defect alleged is that the attempted transfers were made after the closing date of the securitized trust holding the pooled mortgages and therefore the transfers were ineffective.

  • Our program seeks to avoid getting mired in the complexity of the various areas of law involved, instead focusing on a simple, focused approach that makes it harder for judges to avoid the strength of our core arguments.
  • The PMA trustees and executive team have a diverse set of skills and significant experience in the core areas that will improve the success factors for our operations.

We have spent an exhaustive amount of time analyzing all of the cases that have been successful in resolving mortgage securitization problems. We have designed our legal information litigation strategy to hit the banks hard and fast where they are most vulnerable.

Our primary focus is on getting clear and marketable title to the property by arguing that the actions of the banks have made the security provisions of the mortgage/deed of trust unenforceable.



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